Our next steps

Our next steps to create qualifications fit for the future.

In our consultation, The Right Choice for Wales, we asked for your views on qualifications to support the new curriculum for Wales.   

We proposed new GCSEs and other  qualifications  including: languages, mathematics, humanities, expressive arts, health and wellbeing, and science and technology.  

The consultation is now closed. We are carefully reviewing all responses and will report in the autumn on our decisions.   

Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation and who attended the series of webinarsthat ran alongside it. We had over 1,200 responses in total from a wide range of stakeholders, with many  coming directly from learners.   

Once we have decided on which GCSE subjects are needed, we will be coming back out to seek views and ideas on how the content and assessment of each subject should be designed.   

Many respondents asked about the other qualifications that will make up the whole coherent and inclusive offer for learners aged 14-16. Over coming months, we will be doing research and speaking to stakeholders to develop proposals for what the whole qualifications offer should include.   

We’ll give regular updates on our website over the summer as this work progresses. Look out for opportunities to get involved. If you’re interested in supporting this work, then please do get in touch on comms@qualificationswales.org 


Closed - Qualified for the future - main consultation document             Closed - Qualified for the future - Youth Friendly consultation