Welsh-medium qualifications and assessment

Qualifications Wales is committed to promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language. Over recent years, there has been significant growth in the provision of Welsh-medium qualifications.

Our overall approach is presented in our Regulatory Welsh-medium and Bilingual Qualifications policy (below).

Our policy

1. Our aim is that learners in Wales should have access to a range of qualifications that can be assessed through the medium of Welsh and bilingually.

2. We will normally require Approved qualifications to be available for assessment both through the medium of Welsh and English.

3. We encourage awarding bodies to make assessment available through the medium of Welsh for as wide a range of Designated qualifications as possible.

GCSE, AS and A level qualifications

GCSEs and A levels in subjects designed specifically for Wales are all offered bilingually by WJEC. Other subjects that are taken by relatively low numbers of learners in Wales are offered by a range of awarding bodies. Some of these are available bilingually while some are only available in English.

Vocational qualifications

To meet the needs of learners effectively, we need information from learners, providers and employers to get a clear picture of current and future demand. If you are interested in taking or offering a vocational qualification through the medium of Welsh, it is important that you discuss your needs with the relevant awarding body as early as possible.

Support and Advisory Groups

We have two external advisory groups in which we discuss issues relating to Welsh medium and bilingual qualifications and assessment with awarding bodies, centres and others.

Awarding bodies sometimes find it difficult to recruit assessment personnel who can work through the medium of Welsh. If you’re interested in becoming a Welsh-medium assessor or external moderator/verifier, please contact the relevant awarding body or Qualifications Wales to discuss this.

Welsh Language Support Grants

We offer grants to awarding bodies to help maintain and increase the availability of Welsh-medium and bilingual provision. Awarding bodies can apply to us for financial support to help with the cost of meeting the demand for qualifications assessed through the medium of Welsh. We also provide a grant to WJEC to support the translation of live assessment papers for GCSEs and A levels.